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Development Services

Owners or developers representation


  • Work with the owner / developer to establish all of their requirements for the project from the conceptual stage through completion

Cost Monitoring


  • Provide a format for tracking all professional consultants, construction  management firms, general contractors, sub contractors and any other professional required to accomplish the projects goals.

Master-planning & Feasibility Study

  • Guiding the preparation of the overall vision for the project which will include;
    • Ecological Impact
    • *Social Impact
    • *Financial impact
    • *Cohesive project vision presentation
    • *Selection and supervision of  all required sub-consultants in coordination with the client.
  • *Coordination of the financial feasibility study by feasibility consultants;
    • Selection and Supervision of all required sub-consultants in coordination with the Client
  • *Preparation of the Master plan for presentation to lenders and investors, which include both the vision and feasibility study.  Items needed for the Master plan preparation are listed below:
    • Preliminary trip to site to review conditions and meet with owner/developer for discussion of project and preparation of a list of consultants we feel would be required to prepare and deliver a class A master plan for the project.
    • *Meet with various consulting firms to determine their qualifications and interest in participating in the preparation of the master plan. 
    • *Meetings to establish partnerships and participation in the project. 
    • *Preparation of a very preliminary and abbreviated proposed direction for the project to review with lenders and establish their initial interest in the project. 
    • *A thorough survey of the property to ascertain the best locations for the various features of the project. This includes visual, geological and physical surveying of the site.
    • *Discussions with Government agencies to include their requirements for the project, environmental, social, educational, as well as their potential financial contribution to the projects infrastructure
    • Discuss the transportation requirements for the project and surrounding area and what the impact of the project will have on the present infrastructure. Provide a more detailed plan for the project which may include features such as the following:
      • Hotels, Residential, Shopping areas, etc.
      • Marina with support buildings
      • Golf course and associated pro-shop / restaurant / clubhouses.
      • Associated beach areas.
      • Required utilities, Water, Sewer, Waste & Refuse, and Power.
      • Roads and associated transportation within the project area.
      • Access to property (with Municipal cooperation)
      • Support staff housing
    • Preparation of design vocabulary, which will be used as a base line for all design on the project going forward.  Sub-consultants might be used for the following items:
      • Site Planning
      • *Engineering
      • *Environmental
      • Others as required

Design phase

  • Coordinate with the Client for the selection of the Design team
  • *Ensure that the entire design team adheres to the vision and design vocabulary
  • Evaluate design development
  • Coordination of all disciplines
  • *Identify potential construction managers and construction companies

Bidding Phase

  • *Coordinate preparation of bid documents and drawings
  • Institute bidding procedures
  • In coordination with the Client (Owner / Developer) review and award Bids

Construction Phase

  • *Manage scheduling
  • *Manage the administration of construction documents
  • *Establish an acceptable fee structure based upon the scope and complexity of the project
  • *Generate detailed construction progress reports
  • *Review applications for payment
Close Out Phase
  • *Assure that warrantees and guarantees for all equipment are provided to the appropriate parties
  • *Finalize all billing and lien releases (if applicable) for the project
  • *Assure that all municipal and other need approvals etc. are obtained and on file.
  • *Assure all as build drawings etc. are received and on file
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