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Energy Conservation Walk-Through Evaluation

The Energy walk-through evaluation is an inspection of the property as related to energy conservation practices. The evaluation is designed to eliminate obvious waste and bring the building back as closely as possible to its original design level before attempting to implement measures that require large capital expenditures. The energy savings due to operational and maintenance changes are practically instantaneous, and usually of “low cost” or “no cost”.

The evaluation consists of two components:
  • The Diagnostic Energy evaluation
  • Historical Energy usage comparison
The Diagnostic Energy Evaluation
  • The diagnostic energy evaluation is needed to point out problems that will require an energy conservation effort in the form of a maintenance procedure, or employee compliance with energy management directives or instruction.
  • A “walk through” energy survey provide you with information on areas that are in need of maintenance, and areas where energy conserving installations such as insulation, weather stripping, timers, or photo-cells are needed. Appropriate and concerned members of your staff, such as the maintenance person, a member of the housekeeping staff, or other assigned management member should accompany us.
Historical Energy Usage Comparison
  • What were the energy requirements of your motel/hotel last year, and two years ago? How much energy did each available room or occupied room use and what was the cost? We will provide forms for data gathering prior to our Energy Conservation Walk-through evaluation.

For more details about the Diagnostic Energy Evaluation or
The Historical Energy Usage Comparison please contact us.

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